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Access control

On-line access control for guests and employees. Superior security and reliability.

Opening doors with cards, bracelets, pendants, mobile phones…

On line system

Every event at any door is automatically recorded in the system.

Adria-electronic-Pametna-soba-ADRIA-kontrola pristupa (hotel Excelsior)

Security and reliability

The safety of guests and property comes first. Superior technology and protection provide safety, and product quality provides reliability. Timely alarming of all events, especially unauthorized ones, provides complete control and supervision regarding access to all locations within the facility.

Wide spectar of access control media

Access control readers can read data from a variety of media such as cards, wristbands, pendants, cell phones, and the like, providing flexibility for guests and employees.

ADRIA Digital key

ADRIA Digital Key enables door opening with a mobile device. The mobile application uses a digital version of the created card. The function can be used in two ways: as a stand-alone application where the card is converted into a digital key via a QR code or as part of a larger application where that other application takes care of delivery and use.

DoubleTree Hilton use ADRIA Digital key

The DoubleTree Hilton hotel uses the ADRIA Digital key as part of its Hilton CleanStay global program. In addition to the need to provide the guest with as many communication options and mobile interaction with the hotel as possible, in times of epidemiological challenges, the use of a mobile key has become an added value.


Access control for common areas and outdoors

In addition to access control for guest rooms and employee rooms, it is possible to integrate all other access points of the facility into the system, such as parking, halls, playgrounds and the like.

Access control for private and public companies

ADRIA smart room access control can also be used as a stand-alone system in facilities where only access control is needed. Simpler readers and simpler controllers with the necessary access control functions are used for this.

Adria Electronic - integracija s elektronskim bravama

Electronic locks system integration

ADRIA smart room has developed various ways of connecting with electronic locks in cases where the hotel has such a standard. Connections are possible at the room level and at the server level. There are electronic locks that can communicate with an external card reader via IR (infrared) modules on the door leaf. In this case, the external ADRIA reader retains the primary role of access control.

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