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glass line

Elegant glass panels with touch controls.
Own production that provides the best ratio of investment and profit.

glass panels ADRIA 

The line comes from our own production and as such provides the investor with the best price-performance ratio. The client is given a wide choice in terms of functionality and design. - upravljanje temperaturom

Elegance of touch

At a time when smartphones have accustomed people to touch control, glass panels are imposed as a logical sequence of standards.

Between plastic and metal

The glass product line of ADRIA can be placed in the area of requests of clients who are looking for something between plastic and metal products. A golden mean that provides enough in terms of meeting design requirements, and at the same time fits into investment frameworks.

Adria electronic- Linija staklo

Personalized graphical interface

The client himself can choose the graphic symbols that will be used to mark individual functions on the control panels. In addition to the standard black and white, it is possible to choose other glass colors that will fit into the interior design.

It is possible to combine products from different production lines – GLASS, METAL and PLEXI, thus adapting to interior design requirements.

Thank you for your interest

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