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light control

Lighting has become part of the design of every hotel. It’s actually art.

From classical to artistic

The ADRIA smart room can manage all types of lighting regulation – from classic switching on and off with buttons, through smoking, to predefined touch scenes.

Predefined scenes

The hotel itself selects the welcome scenes, as well as all other scenes that are activated by buttons on the lighting panel. Each button has its own graphic sign, image of a lighting fixture or room. The master button enables turning off all lighting fixtures from one or more places.

Lighting in common areas

In addition to room-level management, special attention is paid to lighting in common areas. The requirements are high in terms of design, but also energy saving. Lighting in restaurants, halls, swimming pools, corridors and other areas must be able to be controlled with a simple and transparent interface.

Mobile lighting control

For the needs of hotel room management via mobile phone, Adria Electronic’s own application was developed, which is available for Android and iOS users. The application is valid for the duration of the guest’s stay, and is activated by simply scanning the QR code received at the reception during check-in or by manually entering the code received by e-mail.


"DALI" protocol

Most of the more demanding lighting control projects, where interior design is important, use the DALI protocol. ADRIA has its own DALI control units with which it can meet the highest requirements in terms of lighting control.

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