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Issued guest cards, temperature and all other statuses and information from rooms and other areas, together with alarms, are available in real time.

Overview of all cards and users

Issuing cards for room entry is one of the first activities when a guest arrives at the hotel. The on line system enables any change in real time, such as canceling the card or changing the date of stay. Each issued card and its values can be controlled from one place.


Statuses related to doors, windows, cleaning, temperature (HVAC) and security can be monitored on the central reception computer. Some of the statuses are: door, lock, battery, window, welcome light, staff cards, cleanliness status, housekeeping status, MUR, DND, set room temperature, measured room temperature, fan speed, VRV air conditioner, bathroom radiator, temperature alarm, outage mains voltage, problem with the DC LED line, blocked keyboard, underfloor heating in the room, underfloor heating in the bathroom, card status, safe, minibar, flood, controller temperature…


Due to their importance, certain room statuses can be displayed as alarms and be specially highlighted and marked. A typical example of an alarm is “unauthorized access” or “flooding in the bathroom”. Alarms have their own values, such as critical, medium or information only. They can be silent or audible, have a different sound signal and mark whether they have been confirmed, i.e. checked or not.


In addition to managing the temperature in the room available to the guest, the hotel manages and has available information about the temperatures of all rooms and groups of rooms, if groups have been created. Thus, for example, the heating can be turned off in a bathroom, in a room, in a group of rooms or in all rooms from one place. The range of possibilities to change the temperature for a guest in a room, a group of rooms or all rooms can be adopted. In addition to all options, it is also possible to get a detailed report on temperature trends for certain periods.

data log

A history of all information about alarms, statuses and events is available in the log file.


Safety and reliability

The safety of guests and property comes first. Superior technology and protection provide safety, and product quality provides reliability. Timely alarming of all events, especially unauthorized ones, provides complete control and supervision regarding access to all locations within the facility.

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