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Rental of equipment for guests, housekeeping, monitoring of energy consumption, integration with other systems, mobile self-management

Equipment rental for guests – Towel services

It enables the guests of all included hotels to rent something from the hotel (towel, lounge chair…) on the card. The system works in parallel with the hotel’s smart room programs, and can be managed by the hotel or located on the ADRIA cloud. Renting is done through a mobile application at separate points.


Energy consumption monitoring

The company Adria Electronic has developed a system for displaying the guest’s consumption during his stay in the facility, which draws attention to energy saving and helps raise environmental awareness, all with the ultimate goal of creating an environmentally acceptable environment. The goal of such a system is to take into account all the elements that can affect the consumption of resources (water, electricity) and calculate the average consumption in real time. Monitoring energy consumption during the building’s operation is necessary to obtain an international certificate for ‘green’ or sustainable construction as DGNB (Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Nachhaltiges Bauen).


ADRIA smart room allows maids and supervisors to review and change the status of rooms. Statuses are updated in real time on the central reception computer and/or on staff mobile devices. Every change is also sent to PMS. Statuses such as Make Up Room (MUR), Do Not Disturb (DND) and minibar status can also be viewed in real time on the mobile app. Statistics on the efficiency of maids are automatically created based on the maid’s stay in the room.

Adria electronic - Linija staklo - Upravljanje rasvjetom

Integration with other systems

PMS + POS identification
Parking systems
Plate recognition system
Kiosk for automatic check-in
Alarm centers of anti-burglary systems
Systems for monitoring peak energy

Room mobile control

For the purposes of managing the hotel room via mobile phone, an own application has been developed, which is available for Android and iOS users. The application is valid for the duration of the guest’s stay, it is activated by simply scanning the QR code received at the reception during check-in or by manually entering the code received by e-mail. All room functions are available to the guest in the application, namely: – air conditioning management – lighting management – control of blinds/curtains/blinds – special functions (Do not disturb, Call the maid).


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