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Light control

Presence detection




Other possibilities

Access control
Adria electronic Linija staklo - Čitač staklo
Adria electronic - kontrola pristupa - Linija staklo - Čitač staklo - Kontrola pristupa
Temperature control

Photocredit Maslina Resort, Nikola Radovani


Photocredit Maslina Resort, Nikola Radovani

Room architecture

The ADRIA room controller is the central control unit to which all peripheral devices such as card readers, card holders, thermostats, light control panels, window and door contacts, etc. are connected.

Smart room elements

Adria electronic Linija staklo - Čitač staklo

Card reader - upravljanje temperaturom


Card holder

Light control panel


ADRIA room controller

It is located in the room electric distribution cabinet. It enables easy connection and handling with the help of clearly marked connection points. The controller can be connected to the ADRIA BUS network or to the LAN network. All peripherals in the room are connected to the controller. Each controller has a unique address. Uninterrupted power supply connection is availlable.

DALI gateway

Adria Electronic has developed its own DALI gateway, a control module for controlling lighting circuits based on the DALI protocol.


Common spaces

In addition to guest or employee rooms, ADRIA elements are also managing common areas. Special attention is paid to lighting management.

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