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High-quality temperature management provides comfort for the guest, and at the same time saves the hotel’s energy.

Smart thermostat

The room thermostat enables easy handling for the guest. It has the function of a console for guest communication with hotel staff and a console for staff communication with the system. It also serves as a management unit for the technical staff. - upravljanje temperaturom
Adria-electronic-Pametna-soba-ADRIA-Linija-metal (Palace Elisabeth, Hvar)

A pleasant stay for the guest

Even before the guest enters the room, it is controlled to the set temperature. When the guest is in the room, additional tuning and adjustment is enabled. When the guest leaves the room, the system adjusts to economical mode, while maintaining the temperature.

Additional management

In addition to air conditioning, underfloor heating and radiators in the bathroom, fresh air dampers, and towel dryers are managed. The system is very flexible in this sense; parameters are used to adjust the algorithm in order to achieve the most optimal guidance.

Three levels of temperature maintenance

1. ECONOMIC: the room is not rented
2. PRE-COMFORT: the room is rented, the guest is not in the room
3. COMFORT: the guest is in the room

Integration with all air conditioning systems

The ADRIA room controller can be connected to various types of air conditioning systems and to various manufacturers. Management is performed both directly at the room level and at the server level.

Individual and group management

Setting the settings is centralized, and can be sent collectively to all rooms, a group of rooms or an individual room. This is very important in pre-season or post-season days when the temperature differences in individual parts of the building are different. It is also possible to additionally manage energy if the air conditioning of the rooms is coordinated with the planned occupancy of the rooms.

Adria-electronic - Pametna-soba-ADRIA - zajednički prostori

Common spaces

Corridors, foyers, presentation halls – everything is controlled from the same central software. Public spaces are separated into separate groups and parameters are programmed separately. At certain time intervals, the corridor windows can be opened for ventilation.

Mobile temperature control

For the purposes of managing the hotel room via mobile phone, an own application has been developed, which is available for Android and iOS users. The application is valid for the duration of the guest’s stay, and is activated by simply scanning the QR code received at the reception during check-in or by manually entering the code received by email.

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